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Welcome to safer swimming.
This form will help us configure the best system for your needs.


Please enter your information*.
Please answer the following questions. If you're unsure of any, just answer as best you can as we can always modify things as needed once we have more information and you become more acquainted with our system.


Number of swim areas to be monitored:
For more than 4 swim areas WAVE will reach out directly for more information.




Number of Swimmer Wearables needed:


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WAVE's Lifeguard Entry Alert (LEA) feature immediately alerts your facility if a guard enters the water. Your guards use a small  Lifeguard Tag that attaches to their clothing, equipment, or on a lanyard.
BUDDY TAG for STEP 5-13-22v2 v2 w clip transparent.png
BUDDY TAG for STEP 5-13-22v2 v2 w clip transparent.png


For entrances and exits we highly recommend the use of optional Exit Detectors, small devices which beep and flash to remind swimmers to return wearables before leaving the area.
How many Exit Detectors, if any, will be needed:
EXIT DETECTOR 3v2 v3 (1).png


For areas such as locker rooms or bathrooms that are out of range of the system, we recommend the use of optional Remote Monitors to prevent any alerts if a swimmer enters these areas with a wearable on.
How many Satellite Monitors, if any, will be needed:
Minew G1.png
Note: For facilities with features around the water such as low walls, docks, and equipment that may obstruct the communication between the system and wearables,  your WAVE representative may recommend the use of additional Remote Monitors for these areas.


For facilities with very large or multiple pools , or for facilities with dark water, we recommend the use of optional Location Indicators. The device(s) closest to the swimmer in distress will flash during an alert to enable your guards to intervene as quickly as possible.
How many Location Indicators, if any, will be needed:
LOCATOR 7-14-23 tranparent.png


To manage your WAVE systems we strongly recommend the use of our optional dedicated Control Tablet which is provided ready-to-go in a ruggedized weather resistant case. However the WAVE app may be used on most modern phones, tablets and PCs with a good WiFi connection.
Tablet in Case.png
Do you want to include the Control Tablet?


For simple storage and organization of your wearables, we offer two options, a floor stand that can hold up to 100 wearables, or a wall mounted version that holds up to 30. Although optional, we recommend their use to keep distribution and collection of wearables fast and easy.
Include Wearable Storage?
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Please upload photos and videos of the swim area that you want monitored by WAVE. Be sure to include walls, windows, doors and any unusual features we should be aware of.
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Upload Video 1
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For indoor facilities, please upload PDFs of floor plans of the swim area. If none are readily available you can use simple line drawings. They don't have to be to scale, but please include actual dimensions whenever possible. For outdoor facilities Google Maps is a great resource.
Upload Floor Plan 1
Upload Floor Plan 2
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To take full advantage of WAVE's features it is extremely important for the system to have good reliable access to your facility's WiFi network. If you have your network information available, please provide it below. This information will not be disclosed and is used for deployment purposes only. (If preferred this can be provided at a later date.)


Your submission was successful

We've created a short online guidebook to help you get started with introducing WAVE to your facility. Click on the booklet to view.


Desde la compra hasta la implementación y el uso diario, trabajaremos con usted para garantizar que la experiencia de su instalación con WAVE supere sus expectativas en todos los niveles.

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